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Building businesses clientele base to reach masses by providing a platform for networking & consensus within indian industry, policy makers, business community.

We pride ourselves on our indipendent minds, which offers fresh perspective for our Global collaboration work to deliver an unparalleled client services, our member firms share a common mentality,- a “can do” attitude and proactive entrepreneurial vision.

IndianChamberDC is moving forward to earn national status with global connection, improving reputation over business services and solutions provider.


Successful business is based on trust. At ICDC our aim is to fulfil our remit properly. Clients rely on integrity and objective, independent advice to help them make intelligent business decisions. For this reason, ICDC Members adhere to the highest professional and ethical principles and strive to have no conflicts of interest. This is what clients expect from our Partner Firms, who are all at the highest level of their profession.


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We strongly believe that only an organization of genuinely independent member firms is able to meet the many challenges faced by businesses in today’s expanding markets. Although every member firm is unique and independent, the same high quality standards apply to each.

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ICDC respects the cultural differences that combine to make our alliance strong. We are made up of a diverse range of independent teams all over the world, in each of which a broad mix of individual skills and approaches is to be found. Since such diversity leads to innovation and strength, we treat clients and one another with respect, as well as appreciating cultural differences.



The ICDC spirit encompasses the relationship which exists with clients, each other, ourselves, our principles and the UCI philosophy. It sums up how we practice our passion to serve, on both a collective and individual level. Our aim is to always put the client first, which shows a strong commitment to resolve clients’ issues, improve their business, advance their goals and surpass their expectations.



Professional excellence is one of our foremost principles, and is applied by ICDC at every level. This constant effort to deliver the highest possible competence leads not only to client satisfaction, improvement in business lines and staff development, but it also demonstrates the most reliable proof of our independence.